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My dog live on the sofa.

That's where he wants to be.

He likes to sit there night and day and watch what's on TV.

He surfs the channels constantly by chewing the remote, then watches what he wants to watch; I never get a vote.

He's fond of films with animals.

He takes in nature shows.

Whenever cat cartoons come on he always watches those.

He loves the pet commercials too, and anything with food.

Whenever there's a tennis match he nearly comes unglued.

I got him from the dog pound.

He didn't cost a cent. I asked them for a "watch dog," but this isn't what I meant.

                                                                                                                   Kenn Nesbitt
Randall J. Borgatti Upholstery Services

     * Strengthening frames, webbing, and springs

     * Re-gluing furniture frames as needed

     * Cleaning or re-staining of exposed wood

     *Re-placing padding with filling to provide the proper support for the furniture

     *Cutting and sewing of outside fabric with all patterns matched

     *Providing a choice of fabrics such as (Charlotte Fabrics, Robert Allen Fabrics,
       Schumacher, and more)

     *Replacing of inside fillings of old cushions

     *Free estimate, pick-up & delivery

A tribute to our pets....and the furniture they love that I often reupholster!